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SH: Immutable Steps
They were always together. She looked out for him. She guided his steps, and described the world he could not see. She filled his life with stories and song, soothed his sickness, and sheltered him from that which would do him harm. The world was a cold and cruel place for one so different, but her presence made it worth waking each morn.
That was how it had always been, for as long as Nagi could remember. Saya, his sister, his only friend. He knew her heart and soul, and she barely had to speak for him to understand her thoughts. Her joy was his joy, and his fear was her fear.
They were as one.
So when she came to him that night, hurried and afraid, he felt her terror before she uttered a single word. He knew by the urgency in her footsteps, by the sound of her breathing, by the hard 'clack' of the door in its track as it was thrown open, that something was terribly wrong.
"Brother..!" Saya called, her voice hoarse from her flight. She had run the entire breadth o
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I update so infrequently... Well, I have said in the past that I'm not really a blogger. I'm still not a blogger, but the time for an update of some form has come! Since I've started uploading art again, little by little, I guess I just figured it was about time to let folks know where I've been and all that jazz.

Right, so to start off with, there's been some significant change in my life in these past months. Chief among them was my big move to Australia. Yeah. I was born and raised in Nebraska, so this was one heck of an upset to my life. But change is good, and this was definitely a shift for the better. Before the move, my husband and I were barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck. I was constantly stressed about money, family matters, and juggling all of it with my college courses. My family never once took my pursuit of an art degree seriously, and having them all consistently implying that I was wasting my time, that I was lazy, that I would never amount to anything... It got me down pretty harshly, and was honestly feeling rather toxic by the end. I was never in a mood to draw, rarely inspired, and the times I actually did want to work on my art, I either didn't have the time or didn't have the energy. 
But things made a positive turn. My husband was offered a job with Melbourne University's Biomedical lab, on a salary roughly 3 times what he was making in Nebraska and offering to fully reimburse us for the trip. Naturally he accepted the offer, and at the end of October, we made the big move. We'd lived in a small apartment previously, so we didn't have to leave behind a whole house worth of belongings (but I will say, trying to cram your entire life into four suitcases is pretty rough!). The first couple of months here were a little hair-raising. It was my first time in a big city. But I love it down here!

Within a month, we'd signed the lease on a house of our own. Yes - a house. Not a teeny little apartment like we had back in the states, but an actual house. It's a single-story, two-bedroom house with its own yard and a big kitchen I just love. It's kind of an oldie, and right across the street from a fire station, so it's pretty cheap as far as rent for a house. But it's a house, and it's ours! I even have a garden. The previous tenant must have really loved roses, they're everywhere and I adore them! We don't have a car yet, but public transit down here is efficient enough. There's a bus stop right outside the door, and the train station is only about 20 minutes away. Hubby is making enough money now that it's taken a huge stress factor out of our lives. No, we can't go crazy spending. But we've fully furnished our house by now and still have managed to put money away in the savings account for me to return to school in March, and that alone makes me feel accomplished.

Adding on to my good mood, a little before the move I got myself involved in the art-roleplay group :iconwathais:. It's still fairly small, but it's full of fantastic people, and welcomes artists and writers alike. It's helped me get back into my creative side and doing what I've always loved: making characters and writing stories. Now that I'm far, far away from the worst stressors of my life (much as I love my family, I am glad to be away from their more toxic views), and we're in a good place financially, I'm starting to feel inspired again. I resume my college classes in March, but graduation looms within the year if all goes well. Wish me luck!

Next up on the list and partly related to the topic of college, I've recently discovered - and decided to partake in - a motivational technique known as Don't Break the Chain. If you've never heard of it, you can read more about it HERE. In short, you pick a goal, and mark off each day on a calendar that you work toward that goal. The marked-off days form a chain. Don't break the chain!
My goal is to improve my art. So to that end, every day I am going to draw. Whether it's working on an existing piece or starting something else or just practice sketches. Whether it's 3 hours or 30 minutes.
I plan to do this every day, for 365 consecutive days. The hardest part in drawing is just making myself draw, and if this is what I want for my future, I need to step up my game. Life has gotten in my way far too much. Opportunity has finally given me a chance to take control, and that's what I'm aiming to do. I started my chain one week ago. I can do this, I believe in myself! I might not post art every day, I think that's getting a little ahead of myself... But I'll definitely aim to post something maybe once a week, depending on how things go. That's the other part of this update: prepare to see changes in my gallery. I'm going to be moving things around, deleting and archiving old art, reorganizing folders, merging art from my inactive account, etc. Lots of stuff to shift, but hoping to hold on to this new energy and use it to really start filling this neglected account.

That's all I guess. I suck at conclusions.




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